GT combustor modeling

Mateq Process has extensive experience in modeling and analyzing flow, combustion and heat transfer in gas turbine combustion chambers.

Analysis of gas turbine combustors
Mateq Process has a broad experience in modelling and analyzing flow, combustion and heat transfer in gas turbine combustion chambers. Recently, for an industrial client, an analysis was made of an industrial combustion chamber, where design, flow and combustion was assessed. Goal of the study was to recognize and optimize critical design features in the flow and mixing of fuel and air, to further optimize combustion stability and emission levels. Other studies have been carried out into flow and combustion of a test setup for an industrial gas turbine combustor, to validate in-house developed combustion codes. Also, several studies have been executed into the performance of specific burners in operational gas turbines.
Figure 1 Example of the analysis results into the performance of an industrial gas turbine combustor
Examples where Mateq Process can be of added value are:
– (Reverse) engineering of gas turbine combustors
  • Performance analysis
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Emission level performance
  • Heat transfer phenomena

-Fuel or fuel mix changes
  • Consequences for performance
  • Optimization of fuel/air mixing design

-Support into development of novel combustor concepts
  • CFD analysis of flow, combustion and heat transfer

-Support and backup of internal teams – seamless increase of process and CFD engineering capacity
Therefore, also the analysis, optimization and development of industrial gas turbine combustors, Mateq Process can be of added value to you. This can be for instance by outsourcing analysis activities to Mateq Process which are normally executed internally within the company. Due to our expertise, it is for us very well possible to adapt to internal working and modelling standards, and seamlessly incorporate our activities into the internal team.
Figure 2 Analysis of gas turbine test burner – combustion model validation.
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