Startup Support

A startup in the industrial circular energy supply has asked Mateq Process for support in their product development. Mateq Process has responded by adding value in both the product development, the governing business processes and in the development of personal leadership.

A startup has developed a design for utilizing a circular fuel for industrial heat generation, that can be regenerated in a CO2-neutral way. These systems typically consist of two units: one where energy is released in the oxidation of the energy carrier, and one where the oxidated product is regenerated by removing the oxygen in a second endothermic process. Comparable ideas exist, for instance in Chemical Looping Combustion, but those principles have as main target CO2 capture in fossil fuel combustion. The principle of this idea is to operate a circular energy system completely CO2-free, and to realize an efficient energy storage system.
Originally, Mateq Process was asked to assist in the development of the combustion unit of this process. Because the combustion of a regenerative fuel is completely different from a fossil fuel such as coal, or a circular energy carrier such as hydrogen, all aspects of the design need to be developed from first principles. This entails amongst others the necessary CFD combustion modeling, development of the burner process design principle, but also concepts for heat recovery and capture of the combustion product from the flue gases for recycling and re-use.
Mateq Process has – next to providing essential support in the development of the various engineering tools and the basic design concept of the combustion system – also added value in the development of the organizational aspects. By introducing a stage-gated development procedure along the lines of DFSS (Design For Six Sigma), an R&D program was set up for the structured development of the necessary items and components. Also, interaction with sales, clients and business partners was incorporated and structured, as well as communication with the various stakeholders. From this plan, necessary means were distilled in budget, people skills and partners.
The startup is undergoing a rapid growth and professionalization. For the founders, it is essential to also personally and professionally grow with their company, and to constantly adapt their beghavior and position to the actual needs and requirements. With experience in leading groups and business units of all sizes, from small enterprise to large industrial conglomerate – Mateq Process also adds value in these respects, in the development of business processes and personal leadership.
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Combustion2 is een joint venture van Mateq Process en SUSCOMB.
Combustion2 levert verbrandingsapparatuur voor circulaire energiesystemen.